Senior Structural Engineer

Expired on: Sep 29, 2023
Category: Structures
Experience: Highly-experienced
Location: Bristol


As a pioneering satellite team hailing from the prestigious University of Bristol, UoBSat stands at the forefront of student-driven space exploration. We are a dynamic group of individuals composed of both undergraduate and postgraduate students spanning the full spectrum of academic years, from wide-eyed first-years to seasoned final-year postgraduates. Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment that nurtures curiosity, innovation, and hands-on experience in the captivating realm of space technology.

Supported by a dedicated body of researchers and experts drawn from diverse academic domains including Aerospace, Physics, Electronics, and Earth Sciences, UoBSat unites the multidisciplinary prowess of these fields with the aim to create cutting-edge satellite technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable.

UoBSat gives students the opportunity to go on a journey that transcends the ordinary student experience. Our dedication to hands-on learning and tangible accomplishments is encapsulated in our recent milestone—an environmental testing program at the European Space Agency in Belgium during the Easter of 2023. Our team are dedicated and driven to achieve our goal of placing the University of Bristol’s first satellite into space!

Together, as part of UoBSat, we strive for the extraordinary. We invite you to chart your path to the stars, equipped with skills, camaraderie and excitement. Your journey with us promises not only to be professionally enriching but also incredibly fulfilling, as you contribute to a highly accomplished and high-output team joining those who dare to reach for the stars!

Please note: We can, unfortunately, only accept applications from students and staff of the University of Bristol at this time.

Role Description

Are you a structural engineer with experience in design and testing? Join our satellite team at the University of Bristol as a Senior Structural Engineer and take the lead in developing the PROVE Pathfinder structure to survive the journey to space. Other expectations are that they will regularly attend the team-wide standup meetings and software sub-team meeting as part of a weekly time commitment of roughly 10 hours.


  • Structural Design: collaborate with the team to make changes to our design based upon testing at ESA.
  • Structural Modelling: build and refine a finite element model of PROVE to predict its behaviour.
  • Experimental Testing: physically test the structure to see how it correlates with the FE model


  • Passion for Space and Technology
  • CAD experience – preferably AutoDesk Inventor
  • Understanding of Abaqus
  • Understanding of vibration
  • Understanding of satellite structural conditions


  • Demonstrated experience of correlation of structural testing with FE modelling
  • Experience of practical vibration testing


  • Networking: Connect with the UoBSat team, educators, and the broader space community
  • Skill Development: Enhance your communication, teaching, and presentation skills while gaining valuable experience in science outreach
  • Personal Fulfillment: Witness the excitement and curiosity you instil in participants, leaving a lasting positive impact on their perception of science and engineering
  • Potential to get involved: There is a potential to get involved in other areas of UoBSat’s work later down the line
Sorry! This job has expired.