PROVE Pathfinder EM Complete!

After many months of work, we are pleased to announce that PROVE Pathfinder has finished assembly of its Engineering Model.

Figure 1: Full assembled EM

Following a full software test – where everything we expected to pass did – we completed a test imaging pass on the physics building from the window of our lab – a little hard to align but also successful.

Figure 2: Selected entries from the terminal on run of full functional test on fully integrated EM.
Figure 3: Over exposed visual image of the Physics building – from space we need as much light as we can, so the lens settings aren’t ‘good’ for day time imaging on Earth!
Figure 4: IR Image of the Physics building. The blue band in the centre is the window (note, it’s raining when this was taken).

Then it was time to wrap everything safely, and box it up ready to take to Belgium for the start of our 3-week-long testing campaign. Stay tuned for more updates from Belgium!

Figure 5: EM packed into protective box made in-house.
Figure 6: EM and spare of nearly everything packed into secure case, ready to take to Belgium.
Figure 7: EM locked away, next to be open at ESA Galaxia in Belgium (or maybe at customs).

Next stop, ESA’s ESEC-Galaxia CubeSat Support Facility!