PROVE-Pathfinder Mission Patch!

Figure 1: New design of the PROVE-Pathfinder mission patch

PROVE Pathfinder is pleased to present our mission patch. This was designed by our team to visually highlight key aspects of the PROVE Pathfinder mission, with the final logo drawn by David Reid . The CubeSat bus is clearly presented, and with a beagle onboard. This is representative of our payload’s onboard computer – the BeagleBone Black. One of the dog’s eyes is ‘normal’ to represent our visual camera payload, and the other eye is replaced by a hexagonal device to represent our infrared lens, with a cone highlighting that it is looking into the ash cloud. The ash cloud originates in a volcano, emphasising the primary science target of the mission. In the background, the countries are mostly random, with the exception of the landmass in the bottom left – this is the South West of the UK where the University of Bristol is situated.