UK Space Agency Visit the CubeSat Lab

Figure 1: George hard at work in our ISO 7 cleanroom

Prove Pathfinder were delighted to welcome the CEO of the UK Space Agency, Paul Bate, to our lab in Bristol last week. We had the chance to speak with him and his team about the work we do at the University of Bristol to get undergraduate and postgraduate students alike involved in exciting space projects. We even got a chance to show off our almost complete engineering model (though we had to take it out of the clean room for this, it was of course cleaned properly before going back in!) Over the next few weeks, we’ll have updates from the team on some key milestones of the last 6 months and some challenges we faced and overcame!

Figure 2: From left to right, Tom, David, Karen and Paul Bate posing for an TIR image
Figure 3: Tom, David and George showing Paul Pathfinder’s Engineering Model