Who Are We?

7+ Years

More than 7 years of intense research and development in the field of volcanic ash modelling and volcano activity observations

2 Missions

University of Bristol Satellite has 2 active missions: PROVE-Pathfinder and UoBSat-1

25+ Members

The project has more than 25 active student and staff members regularly contributing to the progress of the missions

What we are up to...

Team Structure


Project management, scheduling, and liaising with staff and industry partners


Systems engineering tasks such as test plan preparation, system modelling, mission planning


Payload software integration and functionality development. Unit tests and continuous testing


PCB design and integration of electrical components


CubeSat structure design, manufacturing, and assembly. FEM design and analysis


Thermal model design and analysis


Event organisation, media and blog posting

Meet Our Team

Get to know our passionate and hard-working team members…