ESA Testing Campaign – Green Light!

PROVE Pathfinder is delighted to announce we have successfully been given the ‘Green Light’ for our testing campaign at ESA’s CubeSat Support Facility in ESEC-Galaxia in Belgium with the Fly Your Satellite! Testing Opportunities programme of the Education Office of the European Space Agency. Over the coming weeks we will be giving updates on the … Read more

PROVE-Pathfinder Mission Patch!

PROVE Pathfinder is pleased to present our mission patch. This was designed by our team to visually highlight key aspects of the PROVE Pathfinder mission, with the final logo drawn by David Reid . The CubeSat bus is clearly presented, and with a beagle onboard. This is representative of our payload’s onboard computer – the … Read more

Intro to PROVE-Pathfinder

PROVE stands for the Pointable Radiometer for the Observation of Volcanic Emissions. It is an Earth observation payload proposed by the UoBSat team at the University of Bristol. Pathfinder is a thermal infrared (TIR) and visual (VIS) imaging payload used for volcanic ash cloud observation. It is worked on by a team of undergraduate and … Read more